Saturday, December 7, 2013

How my Health Insurance went from under $50 to $577 Overnight!

We interrupt this series on the Advent to address the current federal administration. Here's a letter I sent to and my senator this morning.

Dear Mr President,

An administration that forces me to buy healthcare is an oppressive one.
Here's my story.

We thought we were spared the government healthcare gauntlet. 

But my husband who has minimal Blue Cross Blue Shield plan (which BCBS said would satisfy Obama care requirements and avert a penalty, yes penalty, not tax, when I opened it last summer) received a cancellation letter. Our less than $50 per month plan ,which was just fine thank you, was going to be cancelled and replaced with a $577.70 plan that included pediatric care and maternity.

Pediatric and maternity care???!!

 We are 56 and 57 with grown children! I am mid-life (hence the incredulous letter) and well past childbearing. Our college age kids are covered in my employer plan. You're joking right! Did anyone check out our age?  This is almost as crazy as the guy who got healthcare from The Marketplace for his dog!

Is this the level of intelligence that surrounds this healthcare initiative? THIS IS LUDICROUS! 

Thankfully, I received another letter yesterday saying my husband could keep his BCBS $44 a month plan, thanks to the government changes of law. (You can just do that?)

We don't want a change! Please don't force us! This borders on totalitarian law. When I get letter in the mail saying my healthcare is going from under $50 to $577, I find these scary days to live in. This is not the America our past leaders intended to be. Please stop the madness.

Unbelievable, right? The government has only postponed their dictatorial programs for a time.

At least we'll have a merry Christmas this year.

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Master Bube said...

We Conservatives and Libertarians kept up the warnings, but it is hard to stop a government take over of 1/6 of the economy via Obamacare. If he hadn't lied about this he would not be president today and we would have repealed this tyranny. So frustrating to see everyone hurt as predicted by the very ways enumerated through this ACA, this midnight run on our freedoms by a PARTISAN democratic majority not having one vote from the opposing party. Now he is lying telling us that he meant, "if it doesn't change, you can keep your policy/doctor." It takes years to build a doctor patient relationship and that will also be gone. I am so angry at the blindness of the people.

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