Thursday, August 4, 2011

From Crazy to Quiet: Seasons of Parenting

When they were small, it was nuts! One wanted this. One wanted that. Potty, candy, a drink of water.

There were days, all I did was follow toddlers around cleaning up smeared lipstick, spilled food, trails of toilet paper, spilled food, lego minefields, and more spilled food just so the house wouldn't resemble a third world country.

Somehow I survived the glorious madness of growing children.

Now it's quiet. I can hear a pin drop. Other than the distant drone of TV, and the ringing in my abused ears from years of leading a worship band, evenings are disturbingly still.

So last night, I recorded a song in my dining room. Not being used to finishing things or being interrupted five times before completing a piece on the piano, I actually recorded 4 tracks, overdubbed and edited an entire song.


Back then, it was everything I could do to feed, bathe and bed down 5 children to grab a creative moment on the keyboard. One night years ago, I had done just that, only to find Elliot, my now 24 year old, crying, stumbling toward me down the hall, sick and about to throw up all over the carpet. Thus abruptly ending my introspection and much needed respite after a crazy day of childrearing.

No one walks down the hall now. No one needs me because they're sick or scared or thirsty.

I have the time to myself I coveted all those years.

And it's really freaky!

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