Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fish Gotta Swim. Musicians Gotta Play.

Artist Credit:  Rollin McGrail

How long can a fish survive outside of water?

 Not long. Some say 10 minutes. Others say 10 months. Either way, not long. 

Fish gotta swim.

How long can a musician survive without playing their instrument? About as long as a bird can live without wings. Rhythm and pitch are a musician's breath. The forward motion of phrase and meter is their lifeblood. They will shrivel up and die inside if deprived of the opportunity to utilize their skill.

Musicians gotta play.

You can deny it for only so long. A guitarist who doesn't play feels like he's lost a limb. A pianist without her piano is sad as
an artist without her brushes 
or a writer without a typewriter
A chef without a stove
A swimmer without a pool
An actor without a stage
A golfer without his clubs
 A home run hitter without his bat
An architect without his CAD
A decorator without her swatches
A seamstress without her needle
A singer without a song

Try as you may, you can't deny your passions for long. Find a way in between your day job and the demands of home to pick it up again and
And live
And nourish your artist soul.

Then play like there's no tomorrow. 

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