Monday, July 8, 2013

God's Best Kept Secret

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While we were waiting to catch the wave,
We were submerged by the currents of self-doubt
We were overcome by the struggles of life
We were distracted by meaningless past-times

Mediocrity loomed like a black stratus layer. A funnel pushing its way to earth to destroy what little we possess in the way of courage, talent and drive.

The undertow of self criticism almost
drowned out dreams and ambitions

But in the void, God is refining; molding, shaping, creating us into a person fit for His calling. We should not mistake the pressure for punishment, but embrace it as a perfecting force. Accept it as the mighty Potter's hand stretching, squishing, squeezing, spinning into a vessel for His glory, a common clay pot containing glittering treasure. We need to not just accept it, but fight for it. Fight for nothing less than to carry His glory.

What if the only way for Him to reveal the depths of His heart was through the forging of painful trials? It seems worth it to Him to allow or even inflict agonizing circumstances if that was the only way of planting the knowledge of His character deep in the soil of our being so that we sweat only Him.

For you, we, those of us hidden in the obscure corners of both the real and virtual world are God's Best Kept Secret.

You Are God's Best Kept Secret!

The Lord raises up the lowly, binds the broken, exalts the humble. For we are His, soon to be, if not already revealed as his lovely children. Our identity is in Christ. In Christ alone. Identity is not just knowing who we are but whose we are. And we are His.

It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself and claims kindred to the great God who made him - Abraham Lincoln, 1862

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