Monday, June 17, 2013

A Father's Day Letter from his Son

Most parents don't see this kind of affirmation from their grown children until they turn 30.
Being the extraordinary father that my husband is, he received his payback 10 years early!!

Here's what my 20 yr old son wrote to his dad in his Father's Day card:


I can't thank you enough for shaping me to be the man that I am today. Through all the endless middle/high school talks that I thought so little of at the time, I can look back with the utmost appreciation of having a father that actually cares and continues to . 
From the naive idea to move to a completely different life (New York City 5 days after High school graduation) without the slightest idea of what would come, you always believed in me and had confidence in me. That's one of the greatest feelings. 

To the man who continually pours wisdom and love into my life, 

Happy Father's day.

Love you, Dad.


It's nice to know that even when that even when they roll their eyes, stare, unflinchingly at their iphone and appear not to be listening (unlike this photo),

they really are.

It was a wonderful Father's Day at our house.

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