Friday, January 18, 2013

The Incredible Shrinking Paycheck - Ode to the Hill

Finally got my 2% cost-of-living raise.  Boy, was I looking forward to seeing a higher number on the net pay line of my stub.

To my surprise and dismay, the amount was lower!  By 3 dollars! Come to find out my OASDI taxes had increased 6 dollars more a month than my raise. 

I guess I should be happy, at least it was a wash. It could have been less!

How was your January paycheck's bottom line? Bigger? Smaller?

But I'm really not happy. In fact, I'm pretty bothered and upset.


Pardon me while I get political, don my hippie clothes and sing a protest song.

Ode To the Hill

Tax my paycheck
Tax my phone
Tax my land and
Tax my home
Some things should be left alone.

Tax the middle
Tax the rich
Tax our work
To scratch some itch
That health care plan is such a bitter
 Pill to swallow. 
 Leaves our check books

Tax my liscence
Tax my car
Tax the gas that
Won't go far
Lowering the income bar.

Recent raise
Was a just a wash,
It now pays
 New Budget laws.
Passed at midnight
while we all were sleeping. 
January pay stubs sent us weeping. 
Snubbed and stiffed,
We wakened to disaster,
finding ourselves plastered
at the bottom
While some sit pretty on the Hill.
All due respect to the Hill, but
We have had our fill.

Tax our kids, Next
Tax our breath!!

Tax us all to death!

Copyright A. Marbury Shaw 2013

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