Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Illustrated Disappearing Slip

Before I leave the 'riveting' Disappearing Slip post, I'd like to add 3 illustrations recently gathered.

Antique lawn pantaloons and embroidered half slip from 1880's (and earlier).
Pantaloons worn by Mildred Crompton-Smith as a girl.

Number 1 - In a plain white box my mother saved a chemise, slip and 'lawn pantaloons' (hmm...lawn pantaloons?..Does one wear them only on the lawn??) that were my great grandmother Mildred Crompton-Smith's.

Complete with drawstring and convenient opening in the back

Embroidered half-slip circa 1880's

Number 2 - Unsolicited, with the topic fresh on my mind, my mother in law told her story on Christmas Eve of how her built-in slip saved her from embarrassment when skirt met with blustery day, neighbors watching.

Grandma Bernice underscoring the necessity of a slip, saucy look in eye.

Number 3 - And then there's Miss Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway's unintentional wardrobe malfunction underscoring the necessity of, uh,
any kind of undergarment.... actually. 

  Anne was worried about underwear lines showing through her especially snug gown at the Les Mis debut. One person commented on my last post that a Spanx (the latest body shaping invention), would have done the trick. Forgoing certain pieces of clothing should be limited to a date with your husband, alone, I think, not in the presence of millions. 

That's all I'm going to say about that because I promised my daughter I'd be nice to the usually demure Hathaway who is starring in our favorite Victor Hugo classic.

Long live this latest endangered species.

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