Monday, April 11, 2016

Silly Schizophrenic Spring

 Silly schizophrenic spring
You need a diagnosis
Your outbursts and extreme mood swings
Show a deep psychosis

First, nor'easter winds you bring
Then it's warm and solar
Silly schizophrenic spring
I'm certain you're bipolar

We hang up coats and put on shorts
It's hot, but you're just teasing
Next day the weather app reports
 39 and freezing 

My cousin from Connecticut
Sent pictures of her daffodils
A sudden flurry buried them
Dear Spring, have you considered pills?


 Yet, cherry trees and butterflies
Make you irresistible
Your blooms and buds, the reason why
 We can't help but love you still

Each day we hope you'll stabilize,
Find your identity, resplendent
You might be crazy, but, surprise!
We're just as codependent!


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