Thursday, October 3, 2013

When You Grow Up - A song for my daughter

The setting sun sent a gentle glow through our tiny beach apartment's windows.

I was a first-time mom. While cooking dinner, I began to ponder my newborn daughter's future. Safely napping in her crib, still I feared for her. The uncertainty of life and it's dangers seemed so inescapable. I'd do anything to prevent her from making the same mistakes I had made. Was there a way to shelter her from life's hazards that lay before her; this tiny newborn, so unaware and vulnerable?

But there was also great hope that she might avoid the foolishness many fall into. She had a clean slate and the potential to do things right, to make good choices.

Bouncing back and forth between the stove and the piano, a tune and lyrics started to materialize. By the time dinner was done, a song had emerged. You can take a listen here....

What are you going to do when you grow up
April Marbury?
What will life bring when you're adult?
What will you be?
I took a long time to come around
Wasted a lot of years being down
Followed all the dead-end roads I could find
But Jesus was the one who could change my mind

I see your life stretch out into the years
Displaying all you are
I can see all the unshed tears
And potential scars
Please don't take a long time to come around
Don't waste your years being down
Follow the road that never ends
And Jesus is the one who will be your Friend

The world will try to offer you the good life
at best it's only heartache in disguise
One day you will awaken to the choices
Purpose in your hear to be wise

After your hopes and dreams have come of age
And you're standing at that Day
When you've penned this earthly life's last page
I hope you hear Him say:
"I've waited a long time to take you home
Happy to have you here as My own
You've run very well on that narrow road"
Yes, Jesus is the One who'll be your reward.

April Marbury McCullohs

31 years later I see much of what I'd written for her has come true. She's followed Jesus hard since a little girl. She is a writer, blogger, , a songstress,  a speaker and a great wife and mother.

Though she has not been spared all the hurt I'd hoped against.

This broken world still finds our blind side.

But she is so blessed as a result of loving Him.

Tonight, April Marbury had a baby girl of her own: 

Charlotte Marbury.

As her newborn sleeps near her, I wonder if she's thinking the same thing....


I am  joining Emily Freeman's link-up for making art. My art is the song in the link above in my blog.

I am honored to be a part.


emily freeman said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful generational blessing - Would love to hear the song but the soundcloud link is just to their main page, not to an individual song.

Thanks for joining in!

Angela Shaw said...

Thanks for the kind words and for bringing the soundcloud issue to my attention. It should work now.

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